Welcome To The Blog

Welcome to the blog section of the website!

Posts in the blog all relate in some way to the themes of my books.

So that covers…

Space, time travel, aliens, kindness, love, the universe, happy and inspiring stories…. and some other fun interesting stuff too!

The writing in my blog isn’t just specifically for kids but it is of course all suitable for kids!

These posts are all enjoyable and fun to read, and aim to inspire a bit of awe and wonder!

I love writing them, and learning about all these amazing things really helps to stimulate my imagination and inspire new ideas for my writing…

If you have any questions, or anything you’d love me to write about on the blog, please get in touch – I love to hear from you! Just send over an email to enquiries@taracsteele.com .

Now how about starting off with a post on whether or not we might be living in a parallel universe, or ponder on whether aliens exist? Have fun!