How to be a Superhero (and Change the World!)

What do you think might happen if an amazing alien came down to Earth in her flying saucer? What if she took you on a magical journey through time and space, to see just how powerful you are and what a difference you make?

And what if you could be an ACTUAL superhero!!

What are you waiting for? LET’S GO!…

How to be a Superhero by Tara C Steele

‘How to be a Superhero (and Change the World!)’ is a beautiful tale for kids aged 5 -10, that they’ll love to hear again and again.

Think Dr Who meets Sliding Doors… for kids. The book’s publication has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from kids and adults alike.

The accompanying Kindness Journal for Kids, a beautiful book to treasure, is also now available!

Check out some of the amazing reviews for the books here.

How to be a Superhero (and Change the World)! is a powerful and fun short story for kids. I originally wrote it for my elder daughter, with an aim to combine her love of space and sci-fi with a message about how much power we all have to impact the world and help people.

What transpired has been described as a “Dr Who meets Sliding Doors tale” about an alien who comes to Earth to show a little boy what a huge difference he can make, and how his actions create a powerful ‘ripple’ effect.

You can read some of the wonderful and kind positive feedback I have received for my children’s fiction here. It spurred me on to write a second book about ‘Sally the alien’, which is coming in 2024!…

Non-fiction and children’s fiction coming in 2024…

Simulation Theory

Tara C Steele bookcover Simulation Theory

Coming in 2024!

‘Simulation Theory’ is an accessible and fun book which presents a logical and clear explanation of Simulation Theory!

It dives deep into the logic of the idea that we’re overwhelmingly likely to be living in a simulation (recently popularised by Elon Musk), then clearly demonstrates that, while we could be, we’re probably not.

With a full explanation of Neil Bostrom’s original argument, and lots of clear graphics (like this one!) to explain everything, it’s a quick and fun read that tells you everything you need to know about Simulation Theory!

Simulation Theory Basics with nested simulations in Nick Bostroms Argument

Space Baby

Also coming in 2024, Space Baby!

More intergalactic fiction for kids, starring Sally the alien and a space-bound baby who discovers an important secret!

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