Feedback and Reviews

Here’s just a sample of some of the wonderful feedback for How to be a Superhero (and Change the World!) and Space Baby (coming soon)…

Feedback from the grown-ups…

“So refreshing… a brilliantly clever story.” 


“I’m getting copies to give to my daughter’s friends as birthday gifts, I want everyone to read it!”


“The nicest book for kids about kindness that I’ve come across. It actually shows how kindness is a real superpower – it taught me a lesson, never mind my kids!”


“I genuinely loved this book and its message about kindness. And the rhyming is on-point!”


“Like Dr Who meets Sliding Doors but for kids… I wish there were more books like this around that really get the point across about how what we do does actually matter”


“Both my son and daughter loved the idea that kindness is a superpower. I actually enjoyed reading this to them, unlike a lot of bedtime stories!”


“Brilliant and beautiful. It’s made me cry (in a good way!)”


“I love the slightly sci-fi aspect… you wouldn’t think it would work for a book about kindness, yet somehow it does. And then throw in superheroes too – loving it!”


“A beautiful story about kindness for kids… a wonderful new talent”


“Heartwarming and very talented story telling. Just lovely”


“I don’t know who loved it more, my kids or me… a new family favourite”


and from the kids…

“This is amazing!! This is my favourite book ever!”

Eddie, 9 on How to be a Superhero & Change the World

“Actually this one is my favourite book ever!”

Eddie again, after reading Space Baby!

“I think it should be, like, Dr Steele like Dr Zeuss, because this is AMAZING!!”

Oscar, 8 on How to be a Superhero & Change the World

“WOW!!! I love aliens.”

Max, 7 on Space Baby (coming soon)

“I really love the bits about space and I think the baby having a smiling heart is really funny!”

Rosie, 9 on Space Baby

“I like how the story kind of splits into two and you get to see what happens both times, and I love that the alien is a girl too and does magic things!”

Daisy, 7 on How to be a Superhero and Change the World

“I love how it describes space, it makes me want to go there! And I love the alien and the baby too!”

Sam, 8 on Space Baby

“I can really imagine what it all looks like! I like it in the story when you realise kindness works better and you can pass it on to other people who need it. Can we have more please?”

Ellie, 7 on How to be a Superhero and Change the World

“I love this and I don’t know how writer people think of these kinds of things. I want to think like this and do writing to make in to books, and do it about space and aliens too.”

Olivia, 5 on Space Baby

“I’d like more of these books, I really like them.”

Holly, 7 on How to be a Superhero & Change the World, and Space Baby

“This story is so so good!! Can I be in the next one? Sally can come to earth and take me for a ride in her spaceship!”

Rosie, 6 on How to be a Superhero & Change the World

If you’d like to take a peek at the books in question, head on over here!…

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